Carbon Brushes for Home Appliances

We set the standard in current transmission for consumer goods and power tools

Carbon Brushes - Quality is what Drives Us

Customized materials and solutions that we develop specifically for your individual requirements; in addition, a broad materials and product portfolio, various addition-al features and impregnations as required, as well as our international positioning and structure - all this makes Schunk the market leader in current transmission for household applications.

When it comes to reliable current transmission in household appliances, power tools and gardening equipment, we keep an eye on both technical and commercial re-quirements. This means that in our carbon brushes, brush holders, modules, con-tacts, carbon bearings and assemblies, we not only place the highest value on long lifetime, reliable performance, very good interference suppression and high efficien-cy. Pricing, reliable delivery of large quantities and our international presence with numerous local production facilities also make us your partner of choice.

Customized carbon brushes for your requirements

By selecting the optimum material, we are able to develop tailor-made products for your individual requirements. The performance of carbon brushes in power and garden tools, for example, can also be significantly increased by specifically matched impregnation. The impregnation penetrates the entire carbon body and is effective over the entire lifetime of the carbon brush. It enables a permanent reduction in the coefficient of friction, an increase in efficiency, and a reduction in noise and radio interference emissions. The carbon brush developed for your application can be further perfected with an integrated signaling wire and cut-off device, damping element and dust channels. For carbon brushes in washing machine motors, on the other hand, the long energy-saving washing cycles place high demands on lifetime - here, too, we can achieve the best possible results with specifically designed solutions.

Experience, innovative strength and our own test laboratory

We see ourselves as an imaginative and solution-oriented partner for the further development of your products. Through simultaneous engineering, the early integration into the development process, we play a decisive role. Possible sources of error can thus be identified and eliminated during the design phase of your product. You can rely on our wealth of ideas, in-depth expert know-how and the courage to move forward. Take advantage of our innovative strength in the areas of material recommendations, optimal component design, sample production, innovative production processes, component tests and application-oriented trials as well as individual logistics solutions. We do not outsource testing either, but carry out extensive test runs in our own professional laboratory with regard to functionality, performance, lifetime and EMC/radio interference suppression.