Graphite Bipolar Plates

Key component for long-life fuel cells and energy storage systems

Our graphite bipolar plates for fuel cells are manufactured specifically for the PEMFC and DMFC types. Through many years of research and development work, we have succeeded in optimizing the outstanding material properties of our high-performance materials and enabling the production of high volumes. Our extruded bipolar plates with a high graphite content have been specially developed for use as bipolar plates in redox flow batteries. Production in a continuous extrusion process enables cost advantages while maintaining tight thickness tolerances.

Molded graphite bipolar plates.

Wherever extreme durability, reliability and power density are required, our compression molded bipolar plates with integrated flow field are the first choice for mobile and stationary applications. With their excellent corrosion resistance, they offer extreme long-term stability in fuel cells. High electrical conductivity, very good mechanical strength and design freedom are further advantages. In addition, our bipolar plates are used in redox flow batteries from leading manufacturers.

Our high-performance material has proven itself in electrochemical applications for many years. Thanks to our press-to-size technology, flow field structures or surface structuring can be realized in a single step. Additional surface refinement enables a significant increase in performance.

We are available as a partner from prototype production to large-scale production and are continuously expanding our technologies in the areas of material development, process optimization and automation.

Extruded graphite bipolar plates for redox-flow-batteries and for the production of flexible electronics from Schunk Carbon Technology

Extruded graphite bipolar plates

Our extruded graphite bipolar plates also exhibit high corrosion resistance to various electrolytes. They impress with good mechanical strength without brittle fracture as well as very good liquid tightness. Another advantage of the thermoplastic material is that the flexible bipolar plate can be welded directly to the frame of the battery stack. This replaces conventional sealing solutions and ensures a very compact design. By optimizing our formulations, we can precisely match the electrical, mechanical and thermal properties.

The thermoplastic-bonded high-performance material is transferred into a continuously produced film. This makes it possible to produce bipolar plates in large formats (> 1000 mm length and 380 mm width). The film can be given additional features by surface treatment and finishing.

Molded graphite bipolar plates for fuel cells and redox flow batteries from Schunk Carbon Technology

For fuel cells and stationary energy storage systems

Regardless of whether our solutions are used as components in stationary or mobile fuel cells or in energy storage systems, our materials and manufacturing expertise offers you added value in a variety of ways. For example, after your inquiry and joint discussion of the technical possibilities, we can provide you with plate samples and prototypes. These can then be manufactured for you in small quantities as well as in high volumes.

At Schunk, you can rely on our own compound production, continuous further development of materials and many years of experience - after all, our graphite bipolar plates have already proven themselves on the market for over 20 years and in hundreds of thousands of plates.

In the field of stationary energy storage, our solutions achieve high system performance. Fabricated products can be customized to your design - while maintaining tight manufacturing tolerances and reducing scrap during assembly and operation. Last but not least, our reliable supply chain and local customer service make us a strong and dependable industry partner.