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Learn more about Schunk Carbon Technology and our industry solutions in Mechanical, Thermal and Electrical Carbon.

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Bipolar Plates

Graphite bipolar plates for fuel cells or extruded bipolar plates for redox flow batteries - we are your partner from prototype production to large-scale production.

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Analytical and Medical technology mini teaser image consisting of analytical and medical technology analysis

Analytical & Medical Technology

Maximum safety and precision for your application - ultra-pure materials, high thermal stability and freedom from contamination are the key features of our solutions.

Sealing Industry

Leading tribological solutions - extreme environments, particularly high or low temperatures and aggressive media are no challenge for us.

Glass industry mini teaser image consisting of hot glass handling

Glass Industry

Oxidation resistance, abrasion resistance and long service life - with our solutions, your glass remains "untouched" and always free of marks, stress cracks and adhesions.

 Aerospace industry mini teaser image consisting of aerospace security airplane

Aerospace & Security

Composites with plastic, carbon or ceramic matrix - we are your partner for lightweight solutions that defy the toughest operating conditions.

Pumps & Compressor industry mini teaser image consisting of compressor

Pump- & Compressor Industry

Sliding materials from soft to extremely hard - We develop and produce solutions from graphite and ceramics that withstand tribological loads.

Heat Treatment & Casting industry mini teaser image consisting of continous casting

Heat Treatment & Foundry

High-quality carbon solutions for high-temperature applications - graphite, CFRC, OFC as well as felts for insulation for safety in thermal processes.

Fuel Cells & Energy Storage industry mini teaser image consisting of energy storage h2 powered truck

Fuel Cells & Energy Storage

The energy supply of the future - graphite bipolar plates for fuel cells, stationary energy storage and redox flow batteries.

Home Appliances & Power Tools industry mini teaser image consisting of man with power garden tool

Home Appliances & Power Tools

Carbon brushes, holders, modules, contacts, carbon bearings - customized solutions for power transmission in household applications.

Current Transmission industry mini teaser image consisting of mining

Current Transmission

Perfect functionality, no matter where - our carbon brushes guarantee reliable power transmission in slip rings, electric motors and generators.

Wind Energy industry mini teaser image consisting of wind turbine

Wind Energy

Extreme climatic conditions braved - secure power transmission specialized for the special requirements of wind energy in the onshore & offshore sector.