Diatom made of technical ceramics produced in 3D printing process by Schunk Technical Ceramics

Pioneering Solutions for the Ceramics Industry

Schunk Technical Ceramics

Temperature-resistant, media-resistant, abrasion-resistant, extremely hard and bulletproof – technical ceramics from Schunk Ingenieurkeramik combine valuable characteristics like no other material. This allows us to offer solutions that set new standards for industrial applications. The internationally unique IntrinSiC® is our innovative production solution that allows components to be fabricated from silicon carbide by 3-D printing that were previously impossible due to their complexity and size. Together with our customers, we develop tailored, cutting-edge products for furnaces and plants, tribological systems such as pumps and compressors, and laboratory ceramics and ballistics protection.


Our Technical Ceramics Materials

Discover the different materials & coatings from Schunk Technical Ceramics. With innovative solutions for (almost) every area of application, we will find exactly the material that will take you further.


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Schunk IntrinSiC® for Aerospace
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Space industry relies on 3D printing
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Industry Solutions by Schunk Technical Ceramics

Header image of the industry burner technology consisting of ceramic burner components.

Burner Technology

The use of technical SiC ceramics in thermal process technology makes a substantial contribution to reducing emissions and exploiting efficiency potential for direct and indirect heating.

Header image of chemical and process technology showing a large chemical industrial plant.

Chemical & Process Technology

Technical ceramics are ideal for applications in aggressive environments and also for extreme operating conditions, such as acids or alkalis in conjunction with abrasive substances.

 Header image of ceramic industry consisting of sanitary elements on a kiln car for ceramic firing

Ceramic Industry

By using the technical ceramics, SiC, the thermal mass of kiln furniture can be reduced substantially. Due to high strength, low mass, and reliability, SiC offers long service life with reduced life-cycle cost.

 Header image of the metrology industry consisting of a measuring machine.


Measurement technology is all about maximum precision: Compared to conventional materials, Schunk's proprietary RBSiC ceramics impress with high stiffness, low thermal expansion and high dimensional stability.

 Header image metallurgy - crucible of metallurgy industry in use


In order to meet the demanding requirements of metallurgical processes such as continuous casting or melting of precious metals, our products offer very high temperature capability and chemical resistance against molten metals and are available in a wide range of designs.

Header image of surface technology - flash of a plasma discharge or corona discharge.

Surface Treatment

The high purity and extreme dielectric strength of our aluminum oxide enable efficient processes in the field of surface technology through very high voltages and a long electrode life.

Header image mechanical engineering - engineer working on ceramic component in CAD program

Mechanical Engineering

Large, complex structures made of RB-SiC guarantee machine elements with high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, high dimensional stability, and reliability making ceramics indispensable in precision mechanical engineering.

Aerospace & Ballistic Protection industry header image consisting of police officers in protective gear

Defence & Security

For weight-optimized designs of safety-relevant components, high-performance ceramic materials with tighly-controlled properties are essential: Schunk's reaction-bonded SiC-B4 ceramic blend offers consistency, low density, and high hardness.

The ISS floating in space, with our beautiful Earth in the background


Schunk Technical Ceramics is driving the revolution in aerospace with innovative 3D printing technology for technical ceramics. This technology enables the production of efficient and precisely designed satellite components that set new standards in the industry. Discover how Schunk is redefining the boundaries of what is possible in aerospace.

Sealing  industry header image consisting of sealing

Sealing Industry

In the sealing industry, we have been a global technology leader for decades with our tribological solutions. Tasks - from extremely cold to extremely hot - such as friction minimization, even with deficient lubrication, or use in aggressive media are solved by our broad materials portfolio and sound application know-how.

Pumps & Compressor industry header image consisting of compressor

Pump and Compressor Industry

As a specialist in carbon and silicon carbide materials, we offer a wide range of products from a single source. From the development, production, and machining of hard and soft sliding materials and pairings for pumps, compressors, and seals to solutions for a wide range of tribologically stressed machine components.

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