High performance materials for the sealing industry

Sliding materials for sealing rings of shaft seals

Friction and wear minimization in all temperature ranges.

In the sealing industry, we have been a global technology leader for decades with our tribological solutions. Tasks - from extremely cold to extremely hot - such as friction minimization, even with deficient lubrication, or use in aggressive media are solved by our broad materials portfolio and sound application know-how.

Safety, quality, and reliability - these are the key points when it comes to sealing a shaft. These are precisely the requirements that our highly specialized materials have been meeting for decades. Whether gas, liquid, or dry running - as a global full-range supplier, we solve virtually every conceivable problem in the sealing industry with our high-performance materials.

High-end in materials and machining

Our extensive portfolio of high-performance materials, our leading machining expertise, and our application engineering advice make us one of the most important partners in the sealing industry worldwide. Our customers can rely on specifically designed materials with high reliability and long service life. Even under the most adverse conditions, our solutions reliably deliver top performance - also thanks to outstanding dimensional accuracy and surface quality that is precisely matched to the application in question. Our experts support OEMs' design departments for greater safety in material selection and design.

Maximum safety for your tribological applications

Our stable and proven materials for your sealing rings are the guarantee for more safety. A safety that is further enhanced by our decades of experience on the market and our application know-how. Benefit from a longer service life for your solutions, longer service intervals, and lower maintenance and repair costs. We are your materials specialist when it comes to making your product reliable and durable.

Perfect sealing rings for many industries

Our customers are at home in a wide variety of industries. Whether it's drinking water, chemicals, refineries, power plants, food, pharmaceuticals, or aviation - our materials, processing and consulting expertise has the same goal in each of these areas: the perfect choice of material for a first-class shaft seal. To ensure that our products may also be used in the various applications, our materials naturally have all the necessary certificates and approvals from the relevant legislators, authorities, and insurance companies.