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Areas of occupational safety, health protection, environmental protection, energy efficiency and quality

Schunk is a global technology group. Our engineering expertise in materials technology and mechanical engineering is advancing industries all over the world. We focus on profitable growth, independence and a long-term orientation. In our mission statement and Code of Conduct we have formulated key guidelines for our business activities. In addition, occupational health and safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency, and quality are fixed components of our corporate policy and actions. Furthermore, we use management systems in our companies to ensure compliance with all other legal requirements and the requirements of all interested parties.

Occupational safety and health protection

We are committed to the continuous improvement of occupational safety and health protection. We do everything in our power to identify potential hazards and risks for our employees and business partners as early as possible and counteract them with decisive action. This also applies to the safety and safe use of our products.

Environmental protection and energy efficient

Ecological sustainability and the preservation of natural resources is an important part of our corporate objectives. We take all necessary measures to minimize the impact on people and the environment as far as possible during the manufacture, storage, transport, distribution, use and disposal of our products. To this end, we provide our employees with all the resources and information required for environmental and energy management. We are committed to integrated and forward-looking environmental protection and the continuous improvement of our environmental and energy management system, environmental and energy-related performance and energy efficiency.

Meeting customer requirements for the quality of our products and services as well as sustainable error prevention and effective elimination of error causes are our top priorities. All employees are involved in the fulfillment of our agreed quality targets for continuous quality improvement. Through this and regular instruction and training, we increase the quality awareness of our employees and motivate them to act responsibly. 

We enable our employees to play an active role in shaping the issues described here and work to ensure that our suppliers and service providers working on our premises also comply with the same standards as we do. We create trust with all interested parties by communicating openly and striving for an objective dialog.


Corporate Policy
Corporate Policy

Schunk Group



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