Guidelines and legal notices of the Schunk Group

Ombudsman (confidential legal counsel) of the Schunk Group

To combat corruption and other white-collar crime, the Schunk Group has set up a whistleblower system by appointing a lawyer as ombudsman (confidential legal counsel). Dr. Rainer Buchert, a lawyer from Frankfurt am Main, is available as a contact person for all employees, other internal and external stakeholders who wish to provide confidential information if they suspect such criminal offences or similarly severe irregularities that relate to the Schunk Group. 

After being reviewed by the ombudsman, information will be passed on to the Schunk Group auditors only if the whistleblower has given their express consent. The lawyer’s obligation to secrecy ensures that the identity of whistleblowers is thoroughly protected and not disclosed to the Schunk Group. 

In cases of doubt, the ombudsman is also available for consultation. This service is free of charge in all cases. 

More information is available at:

Contact details for the ombudsman (confidential legal counsel)

Address: Buchert Jacob & Partner, Kaiserstraße 22, 60311 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 69-71033330
Fax: +49 69-71034444

Information can also be given via an SSL-encrypted contact form on the home page of Dr. Buchert & Partner:

Dr. Buchert is represented by attorney Dr. Caroline Jacob from the same law firm.