Technical Ceramics for Metallurgical Processes

Components from Schunk Technical Ceramics are available in various ceramic material grades and score high on temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, and low wettability by numerous metals. Technical ceramics in metallurgy - Ceramic solutions in metallurgy prove their worth through maximum product reliability, temperature stability, thermal shock resistance, dimensional accuracy, cost-effectiveness and short delivery times. The high-performance ceramic zirconium oxide is used for melting precious metals. Alumina slot tubes are used for injecting inert gas into molten steel. NSiC and Al2O3 crucibles are the most suitable for powder calcination. The greatest protection of heating coils in aluminum holding furnaces is provided by the mullitic SiC protection tubes.

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Long Service Life with Low Maintenance. 

Ceramic solutions from Schunk Technical Ceramics

In order to meet the special requirements in metallurgical processes such as continuous casting or melting of precious metals, our crucibles, annealing dishes and tubes have an optimized design. Whether made of aluminum or zirconium oxide, NSiC or RBSiC - crucibles, protective, slotted or multi-hole tubes - products from Schunk Technical Ceramics are always a good choice. In addition, our customers benefit from expert as well as constructive design and comprehensive technical advice, which includes application-specific solutions in questions of design, composition and manufacturing precision.


Technical ceramics for metallurgy:

  • Use up to 1800 °C
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • minimized wetting by the melt
  • erosion resistance
  • wear resistance
Brochure: Pyrometry, Laboratory Ceramics & Furnace Construction
Brochure: Pyrometry, Laboratory Ceramics & Furnace Construction

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