Silicon Carbide in Comparison

Ultra light and extremely hard

Silicon carbide is a chemical composite of silicon and carbon, which is one of the lightest and at the same time hardest ceramic materials. Silicon carbide ceramics differ depending on the manufacturing method, these include recrystallized (RSiC), sintered (SSiC), metal matrix bonded (e. g. SiSiC), metal reaction bonded (RBSiC), Si3N4 bonded (NSiC) and oxide bonded (e. g. mullitic bonded SiC). The ceramics have different porosities and densities. Schunk offers reaction bonded SiC (CarSIK-G, CarSIK-Z, IntrinSiC, CarSIK-GD, CarSIK-NT), nitride bonded SiC(CarSIK-NG) as well as mullite bonded SiC (CarSIK 70 ZA) and SSiC (CarSIK-SD).

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