Monolithic protective plate for ballistic vehicle protection from Schunk Technical Ceramics

Monolithic Ceramic Plates for Vehicle Protection

In the field of aircraft armoring in particular, the use of large, monolithic ceramic segments enables solutions which ensure the highest level of effectiveness with low weight. Thanks to our modern production technology, we are able to create a large variety of geometries characterized by very precise cuts, among other things. Optional holes and cut-outs are also possible via machine processing.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Lower weight than conventionally used hard armor materials (e.g Alumina ceramics, armor steel plates)
  • High degree of hardness
  • Protects against armor-piercing bullets, even with multiple hits
  • Large variety of geometries possible
  • CarSIK-GD material: Reaction-bonded silicon carbide with a reduced proportion of metallic silicon and favorable cost-effectiveness
  • CarSIK-B4C material: Reaction-bonded boron carbide with a higher degree of hardness and excellent protection Performance
  • Protection according to STANAG level 1-5 possible when using a suitable backing
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Brochure: Defence
Brochure: Defence

SiC & B4C armour materials for ballistic protection



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