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Silicon Carbide Solutions for any Burner System

In the realization of innovative combustion technologies in combination with alternative fuels, technical ceramics from Schunk Ceramics have already been making a substantial contribution to the exploitation of efficiency potentials for decades and ensure a high level of operational reliability and economic efficiency by maintaining exceptionally high quality standards.

Ceramic burner components consisting of recuperative burner, jacketed jet tube and flame tube
Focus on Advanced Ceramics

Customized ceramic products for emission reduced & high efficiency thermal processes

Ceramic system components for Direct and Indirect Heating enable key problem solutions within the scope of global efforts to reduce emissions from industrial process furnaces. The product portfolio of Schunk Technical Ceramics comprises innovative materials which, thanks to outstanding material properties such as excellent flexural strength up to the application limit temperature, dimensional stability, thermal shock resistance as well as oxidation and corrosion resistance, fully meet the current and future requirements for emission-reduced and highly efficient combustion concepts.


Burner components made of silicon carbide:

  • No porosity, thus very good oxidation and corrosion resistance
  • Very good thermal shock resistance
  • Dimensional stability up to the application limit temperature
  • Very good thermal conductivity
  • Low mass
  • High operational reliability and economy
  • Optimum efficiency
Brochure: Burner Technology
Brochure: Burner Technology

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