Kiln Furniture

Ceramic Kiln Furniture for High Temperature Processes

Energy- and material-efficient solutions for high-temperature applications - Schunk Technical Ceramics supplies customized solutions in the form of kiln furniture and systems for furnace and plant construction as well as for the processing industries. The innovative product portfolio of technical ceramics features an optimal combination of material properties and thus ensures a high degree of energy efficiency, operational reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Kiln furniture components or weight-optimized kiln furniture systems for the ceramic industry
Kiln Furniture

Highly efficient kiln furniture and systems

Ceramic kiln furniture transports the product to be fired through the kiln within the process chain. A high thermal mass of the kiln furniture leads to an increased discharge heat of the kilns, resulting in high energy costs. The primary challenge with regard to the design lies in a positive weight ratio of kiln furniture and fabric in favor of the kiln furniture. The product portfolio of Schunk Technical Ceramics comprises innovative materials which, thanks to outstanding material properties such as excellent flexural strength up to the application limit temperature, dimensional stability, thermal shock resistance as well as oxidation and corrosion resistance, fully meet the current and future requirements of modern kiln furniture concepts.

Brochure: Ceramic Industry
Brochure: Ceramic Industry

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