Machine Components

Ceramic Components for Ultra-High Precision Machines

Benefit from our material know-how, the unique possibility to realize large complex machine parts via 3D printing and a diverse product portfolio for different requirements and applications.

Mechanical engineering components for aerospace, semiconductor and metrology applications.
Machine Components

Customized ceramic solutions from Schunk

Ceramic Metrology Components

Schunk offers a comprehensive range of high-performance metrology components for coordinate measuring machines, such as quills, traverses or X-slides. In addition to the molding variant of slip casting, which ensures economical production of high volumes, the innovative manufacturing process of 3D printing is also available. The material IntrinSiC® (3D-printed RBSiC) allows a high degree of design freedom.

Ceramic frame components for machines in the semiconductor industry

Due to their excellent material properties, technical ceramics are used in the semiconductor industry. Schunk offers customized solutions for wafer tables and frame components. Monolithic components up to 1.8 x 1.0 x 0.7m are possible due to the material IntrinSiC® (3D-printed RBSiC).

Ceramic truss for metrology applications made by Schunk Technical Ceramics

Advantages of technical ceramics for metrology components

  • RB-SiC variants: CarSIK-NG, IntrinSiC®.
  • High flexural strength, creep strength, and stiffness
  • Large components (1.8x1.0x0.7m) in one piece with maximum design freedom at the same time
  • No open porosity
  • Economical production of high quantities
  • Very low coefficients of thermal expansion as well as high thermal conductivity up to 200 W/mK
  • High oxidation and corrosion resistance
  • As a variant unique in the world: production by 3D printing with IntrinSiC®
Ceramic wafers for wafer tables in the semiconductor industry from Schunk Technical Ceramics

Advantages of technical ceramics for semiconductor industry

  • Possible RB-SiC variant: CarSIK, IntrinSiC®.
  • Large and complex components (1.8x1.0x0.7m)
  • Precision machining in the µ-range
  • Weight-optimized structures through topology optimization
  • Insertion of internal channel structures
  • High bending and creep strength as well as high stiffness
  • Economical production of large quantities but also of single pieces
  • High oxidation and corrosion resistance
  • Highest purity possible due to CVD-SiC coating
  • A unique variant worldwide: production by 3-D printing with IntrinSiC®
Brochure: Mechanical Engineering
Brochure: Mechanical Engineering

Light, precise, hard, durable – ceramics can simply do more



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