Metrology. Highest Precision due to the Perfect Ceramic.

Precision combined with extreme dimensional stability. With ceramic components made of RBSiC, we allow individual and complex designs, even in particularly large sizes. Due to minimal thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity, we achieve optimal results in the field of measurement and vibration technology. Precision in a wide range of applications - The highest precision is always required in measurement technology. Therefore, the materials for frame components as well as individual assemblies must have very high stiffness, strength, low thermal expansion and the best possible thermal conductivity.

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Ceramic solutions from Schunk Technical Ceramics

Ceramic Components in Metrology

Compared to components made of conventional materials, products made of RBSiC ceramics impress with their high rigidity, low thermal expansion, good thermal conductivity and high dimensional stability.  RBSiC thus offers clear advantages over the commonly used granite and is ideally suited for various applications in measurement and vibration technology.

Schunk Technical Ceramics offers monolithic components made of RBSiC up to sizes of 1 x 1.8m x 0.7m, which, compared to other RBSiC on the market, have very high stiffness, strength, reliability (Weibullmodul) and very good thermal conductivity. Components made from Schunk's RBSiC thus ensure significantly higher precision of the machines. They also offer significantly easier integration of the individual component instead of several individual components that still have to be brought together. On the one hand, Schunk Technical Ceramics offers standard products such as quills, traverses and X,Y-slides; on the other hand, our portfolio includes flexible custom-made products such as frame constructions or tool holders according to customer requirements. Trust in our experience in the field of measurement technology and rely on our ceramic components.

Highest precision through the ceramic of Schunk Technical Ceramics


Your requirements are the measure of all things

Highest precision through the perfect ceramic - this is the best way to describe our partnerships with the metrology industry. Our ceramic components made of RBSiC impress with unique material properties, both in standard products, such as quills, traverses and X-slides, Y-tables, as well as in individual frame designs or tool holders. Even complex designs and particularly large dimensions are possible - and you can always rely on very high rigidity, low thermal expansion and very good thermal conductivity.


Monolithic Schunk RBSiC components:

  • Stiffness of the material
  • low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • high thermal conductivity
  • no porosity like e.g. granite
  • good properties at high acceleration due to low weight
  • individual, complex designs
  • monolithic structures
Brochure: Mechanical Engineering
Brochure: Mechanical Engineering

Light, precise, hard, durable – ceramics can simply do more



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