Reaction-bonded Silicon Carbide IntrinSiC® (3D-printed)

Ultra light and extremely hard

Reaction-bonded silicon carbide IntrinSiC® (3D-printed):

With IntrinSiC®, we are redefining the dimensions in 3D printing: For the first time, ceramic components made of nearly diamond-hard silicon carbide (RBSiC) are possible via 3D printing, which were previously not feasible due to their size, complexity and quality requirements.

What makes IntrinSiC® stand out?

All the very good properties you are used to from Schunk's RBSiC are transferred to the new dimension of 3D printing by IntrinSiC. IntrinSiC® is characterized by enormous stiffness and strength, low thermal expansion, high Weibull values and temperature resistance, low thermal mass and high hardness.

Where is IntrinSiC® used?

IntrinSiC® is used wherever complexity and size are relevant: Machine frames, diffusion furnaces, complex high-performance burners, body protection panels, aviation protection panels as well as helicopter seats. Thanks to the freedoms of 3D printing, previously unfeasible geometries and undercuts are possible. Weight-optimized components can be produced in sizes up to 1.8 m x 1.0 m x 0.7 m as a monolithic component. The combination of low thermal expansion with high thermal conductivity, very high stiffness and high Weibull modulus also make IntrinSiC® the perfect solution for space applications and measuring machine components where the highest precision is required.

Special properties of IntrinSiC®:

  • Density: 3.05 g/cm³
  • Weibullmodul: 14
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion [10^-6/K] 3.9
  • Thermal conductivity(room temp.): 200W/mK
  • Flexural strength: 210 MPa
  • Modulus of elasticity: 380 GPa



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