Sliding materials for the pump and compressor industry

Development, production and machining of carbon and ceramic solutions

From soft to extremely hard

As a specialist in carbon and silicon carbide materials, we offer a wide range of products from a single source. From the development, production, and machining of hard and soft sliding materials and pairings for pumps, compressors, and seals to solutions for a wide range of tribologically stressed machine components.

Whether in the classic liquid pump or in the dry-running high vacuum pump - everywhere our materials perform outstandingly as slide bearings, vanes, reinforcing sleeves, sealing rings and pump linings made of carbon and silicon carbide materials. They feature, among other things, low coefficients of friction with high wear resistance, and also enable non-lubricated applications - from cryogenic to very hot temperatures.

Wide range for specific customer solutions

The pump, compressor and sealing industries benefit equally from our extensive portfolio of high-performance materials, our expertise in specific machining operations and our wealth of experience in providing application engineering advice. As a result, global OEMs can rely as our customers on the long service intervals of our high-quality, abrasion-resistant carbon slide bearings. Our CFRP sleeves have been used for decades in high-speed applications such as turbomolecular pumps or drives for turbo compressors. The optimum balance between required solid lubrication and wear resistance is offered by our vane materials for dry-running rotary vane pumps and compressors.

The best for pump and compressor manufacturers

Schunk is a global technology leader in carbon materials for rotating equipment applications - including, for example, pumps, vacuum pumps, compressors, turbo compressors and engines. Our core competence is materials and their processing into sliding rings, sliding bearings, fiber sleeves and vanes. Because material properties and design often influence each other, Schunk provides advice during the development of new units. Our OEM customers include both highly specialized niche suppliers and global market leaders. In our customers' markets, such as the chemical and refinery industries, the power plant industry or the food and pharmaceutical industries, our components perform reliably and safely.