Surface Treatment

Maximum Efficiency in Surface Treatment Due to the Perfect Electrode

Benefit from our high-electrical-resistance aluminum oxide electrodes to get the most out of your surface treatment processes. Ceramics in surface technology - Surface treatment by means of plasma or corona discharge involves the cost-effective and highly efficient preparation of plastics or metal surfaces so that they can be printed. In order for the corresponding systems to be able to guarantee this, a strongly electrically insulating, fatigue-resistant, reliable and geometrically flexible, but very precise high-performance electrode is required.

Header image of surface technology - flash of a plasma discharge or corona discharge.
Surface Treatment

Surface Activation Thanks to Plasma Technology and Corona Treatment

Corona profiles with numerous benefits

Aluminum oxide as a predestined material for corona profiles convinces with special properties such as resilience, high dielectric strength and a good price-performance ratio. In addition, ceramic corona profiles for the electrodes are characterized by a long service life and process stability.

Alumina for high voltage applications   

Schunk Technical Ceramics offers profiles for corona & plasma surface treatment machines made of high performance ceramic materials including very pure alumina. Schunk's long profiles (up to 3m) made of alumina material impress with very high purity as well as high dielectric strength, thus offering maximum reliability. The material allows high voltages in use, guaranteeing more efficient machines, very high straightness, even at three meters long, and consistent quality. All these requirements are very important for the application of the profiles in the high voltage range.   

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Schunk's aluminum oxide profiles:

  • very high dielectric strength
  • very high purity and homogeneity => high reliability even at highest voltages and in continuous use
  • very high straightness even with long lengths up to 3m
Brochure: Schunk Group
Brochure: Schunk Group

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