Corona Electrodes

Surface Treatment of Foils from Schunk Technical Ceramics

With high-quality aluminum oxide-based corona electrodes, Schunk Ceramics addresses the needs of the packaging and film printing industry. Our ceramic electrodes are particularly durable and enable corona discharges with high power density. A wide variety of packaging materials - e.g. plastic, aluminum or paper films - can be printed or coated with inks - echnically a demanding process.

Extruded profiles or corona electrodes for the treatment of surfaces such as plastic.
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Corona Electrodes

Schunk Technical Ceramics allows packaging films to be printed on

Surface pretreatment for printing

Printing inks adhere poorly to the widely-used plastic films. This can be changed by "activating” the film surface using high voltage electric fields created by corona discharge. This process changes the surface energy allowing the ink to permanently adhere to the film substrate.

Antistatic devices with corona discharge

In the corona station, the films run at high speed over a roller before being printed. Profiles made of aluminum oxide form the opposite pole to a grounded steel or aluminum roller. A high electrical voltage between the roller and the profiles causes a corona discharge. This activates the surfaces of the foil. For this purpose, the aluminum oxide profile must be very precisely manufactured and have a high level of robustness.

Corona profiles from Schunk Technical Ceramics

Schunk Technical Ceramics manufactures ceramic profiles in various designs for well-known machine builders worldwide. A customized material composition and exact dimensions characterize Schunk's aluminum oxide components. Corona profiles made of very pure aluminum oxide material are very resilient and are characterized by strong unloading, low deflection, high impact strength and a proven service life. A variety of customized profiles with very high straightness can also be realized in 2.5 m length in best quality.

Brochure: Schunk Group
Brochure: Schunk Group

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