• Carbon brush with cut-off device and dust channels for cordless hammer drills von Schunk Carbon Technology

Carbon Brush with Cut-off Device and Dust Channels for Cordless Hammer Drills

The copper-graphite material of this carbon brush achieves especially low specific resistances and is primarily used in motors with terminal voltages up to 36 V (DC) and a very high current load. The integrated cut-off device prevents damage to the motor and the entire machine by reliably switching off the appliance as soon as the wear limit of the carbon brush is reached. Radial grooves function as dust channels which prevent deposits between the carbon brush and brush holder, thus minimizing the risk of jammed brushes and damage to the brushes caused by abrasive dust.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Material A473 is standard for cordless appliances
  • Characterized by minimal wear and suitability for high current densities
  • Pressed to final measurements/PTS (pressed to size) and pressed-in lead
  • Cost-effective manufacturing, as there is no mechanical processing
  • Also available without dust channels