Wheel Flange Lubrication

Solid lubricants minimize noise, wear and costs

When steel rolls on steel, friction and noise occur. With wheel flange lubrication from Schunk, you measurably reduce wear and operating costs. And the annoying squeaking is also significantly reduced. The principle of wheel flange lubrication from Schunk is simple: A carbon-based dry lubricant reduces the frictional forces within the wheel mechanics. Benefit from the long service life of our lubrication pin, minimized contamination thanks to low abrasion, and an optimally matched combination of wheel flange lubrication pin and holder - all while maintaining excellent lubrication properties.

Wheel flange lubrication with solid lubricants

Wheel flange lubrication in cranes serves several purposes: The service life of the wheels should be extended, drive energy should be saved due to the lower friction and, last but not least, operation should be quieter. Our wheel flange lubrication sticks cover all this and do even more: they lubricate without affecting the braking effect of the crane and, compared with liquid oil lubricants, ensure considerably less contamination and a much better environmental balance.     

Holder for wheel flange lubrication pins in complete set

If you choose our wheel flange lubrication, you can choose from one material for indoor operation and one material for outdoor use for the lubrication pins. Both are optimized for their respective area of application and can be supplied as a complete set with the appropriate mounting bracket. This set is extremely easy to handle during installation, maintenance and replacement - saving you time and money and avoiding prolonged downtime. The extended maintenance and cleaning intervals compared to liquid lubricants also increase the efficiency of your equipment.  

Flanged wheel lubrication in ideal doses

Not too much, not too little - our wheel flange lubrication always delivers the optimum result. For this purpose, a holder with a solid lubricant pin is attached directly to the wheel mechanism. The pin is pressed against the wheel flange by a spring and ensures permanent lubrication there in an ideal dosage. The result is significantly less wear and thus a longer service life for the wheels. In addition to low investment costs and economical consumption due to the low abrasion of the lubricating pin, you also benefit from reduced wear on your equipment.