Optimizing Surface Treatment

Gives materials protection, higher quality and functional enhancements 

Surface Treatment

A final surface treatment of the material is always useful when it needs to be pro-tected from ag-gressive media or at high temperatures. It can also increase the sur-face quality and even the functionality of the material.

Our surface treatments are anything but superficial - as with all our processes, we proceed with the utmost care and precision and benefit from our extensive knowledge. Optimization by coating with diamond, silicon carbide (SiC), pyrocarbon (PyC) or silver are just a small part of our possibilities to individually process your material. 

Customized design and perfectly matched

Our surface treatments succeed in increasing the oxidation resistance of the material, protecting its surface or creating good contactability of the surface. To achieve this, we can make use of a whole range of technologies: The surface can be treated purely mechanically, plasma-activated or conditioned so that further processing and finishing steps can follow. SiC, PyC or silver can be applied as coatings. A "real" diamond coating is also possible - compared to the otherwise often used DLC coating, this minimizes wear in tribological applications far more effectively. We also supply materials and coatings for electrical applications - both are perfectly matched to each other.

Patented PyC coating with a wide range of applications

Our customers benefit from our decades of experience in the field of coatings applied by the CVD process (Chemical Vapor Deposition). PyC refers to pyrolytically deposited carbon. This high-purity, dense and ordered carbon layer increases electrical and thermal conductivity as well as chemical resistance and is used, for example, in the field of analytical technology for atomic absorption spectroscopy (AA) tubes.