High Purity Materials

High temperature purification of graphite and CFRC

High purity materials

Our high-purity materials are produced by high-temperature cleaning (HT cleaning) of graphite and CFRC components at over 2,000 °C in a vacuum. During this process, we add a metered amount of cleaning gas. Any impurities present are converted into volatile compounds and removed by the gas flow. HT cleaning enables us to achieve residual ash values (inorganic/mineral contamination) of less than 10 ppm for graphite.

What are the distinguishing features of our high-purity materials?

Our chemically high-purity materials set the benchmark in terms of purity. As a result, they meet the highest demands in medical technology or analytics, e.g. by ensuring that analysis results are not falsified by foreign elements. This is made possible by our many years of experience and our extensive know-how in the field of high-temperature processes.

Where are our high-purity materials used?

Critical applications require high-purity materials that are free of contamination. This is crucial, for example, in analytics (mass spectroscopy or atomic absorption spectroscopy) and medical technology. But our high-purity materials also show their strengths in high-purity components for high-temperature plant engineering.

  • Chemically high-purity (carbon content greater than 99.99%).
  • Benchmark for purity and component size