Carbon brushes, brush holders and contacts

Solutions for DC drives, signal transmission, slip ring applications, household appliances, power tools and wind turbines

Carbon brushes must withstand high current densities and transfer current to rotating components. Carbon brushes for shaft grounding must safely dissipate voltages at the lowest currents from rotating shafts. Low electrical losses and frictional losses as well as low mechanical wear are important for the sliding contact. Carbon materials meet all these requirements particularly well, making it the preferred material for materials related to reliable current transmission in electric motors. Let our experts help you choose the right material and design the optimal carbon brushes, brush holders and contacts.

Small components, big tasks

The demands on our components are manifold: On the one hand, a long service life, the motor efficiency should be as high as possible and, in the case of household appliances, the motor run-in should also be improved. Added to this are reliable operation without damage to the commutator or slip ring, maximum safety in compliance with interference suppression standards and, last but not least, a good cost-benefit ratio.

from household appliances to wind turbines

The many years of experience of our experts and our internationally oriented corporate structure make us a competent partner for many manufacturers of electric motors for power tools and household appliances as well as for the railroad, automotive and wind power industries. Whether carbon brushes, brush holders, carbon brush monitoring, contacts, shaft grounding or carbon fiber-based components for shaft grounding - our approach to finding solutions is convincing thanks to our high level of innovation and intensive development consulting. To this end, we have a wide range of material and solution variants available in terms of additional treatments and features, geometries and electrical contacting. Our own professional test laboratory is another building block that enables our consistently high manufacturing quality. Take our micro-carbon brushes as an example: Even these tiny ones with a volume of a few cubic millimeters are full of convincing properties - a perfect balance of transition stress, coefficient of friction, Rockwell hardness, bending strength, raw density, metal content and other parameters.

Our carbon brushes are up to all requirementsv

We solve the requirements placed on us with a wide range of materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and great know-how. For example, we can design your components by impregnation or geometry adaptation in such a way that the radio interference behavior and the electrical and tribological properties are optimized. Additional functions such as damping elements, dust channels and automatic signaling and shutdown devices are also possible. Even with high current densities, vibrations, dust generation, high speeds or adverse weather conditions, you can rely on the reliable performance of our components. What's more, we can supply them to you as completely assembled modules - which further optimizes your assembly in terms of time and cost. Because in addition to product optimization, we also always keep an eye on cost-effectiveness for you: We can manufacture many of our carbon brushes using the particularly favorable pressed-to-size process, which requires no mechanical processing.