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Leading solutions for the carbide industry and sintering of ceramic or metal powder

Extreme temperatures, high gas pressures and sometimes very aggressive atmospheres - standard materials are often inadequately suited for heat treatment in the sintering and carbide industries. With many years of consulting expertise, a full-range product portfolio and a worldwide sales network, Schunk offers you the customized alternative. Whether CFRC, graphite, insulation materials or special finishes - our technologically leading solutions include everything you need for success with furnace system components, sintering plates, sintering boxes, CFRC support rings, CVD charging aids and CVD decoating service. And if not, we'll develop it with you.

Take advantage of sintering process and powder metallurgy shaping

Our own materials production with state-of-the-art processes forms the basis for maximum process reliability. This enables us to guarantee first-hand, high-quality processing with end-to-end quality control. Our products are characterized by excellently adapted physical properties - while always keeping the subsequent application in mind. The result is impressive: Highest process reliability, significant output increase of your equipment and increased profitability thanks to longer service life of our CFRC components and the reuse of decoated CVD CFRC plates. In addition, new finishing techniques further reduce handling costs.

For more efficiency in the sintering process

In the sintering process, the auxiliaries used must be able to withstand the high temperatures - they must not bend either because of the heat or because of the load exerted by the products. Our solutions made of graphite and CFRC remain dimensionally stable under inert gas even at the highest temperatures. CFRC has even greater strength in this respect, which means that the auxiliaries can be significantly slimmer and output can be increased with the same plant capacity. In order to ensure the pressing and sintering of ceramic powder at high temperatures and under high pressure in best quality, we offer contoured or flat CFRC or graphite sintering plates in various materials, dimensions as well as suitable machining. By means of FEM-calculation (Finite Element Method) we find the optimal plate thickness for your requirements to increase your productivity. Sintering plates, sintering boxes and other charging aids can be used in continuous processes as well as in batch operation.

CFRC support rings for axial hot pressing

In the pressure sintering process or axial hot pressing, special support rings are required due to high temperatures and high pressure, which can withstand the adverse conditions and remain dimensionally stable. Our solution will convince you: back-up rings made of CFRC with a corresponding winding structure to withstand the forces that occur. These support rings set standards with a long service life and excellent dimensional stability. We offer our CFRC back-up rings in solid wall thicknesses, large dimensions and tailored to your requirements.