SiC Coating

Excellent surface finishing with silicon carbide layer

SiC coating

For coatings, we work with the process of chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Thin layers are deposited on a substrate by thermal decomposition of gases. The layer thicknesses range from a few nanometers to several hundred micrometers. The slow growth of these layers creates highly ordered structures that are responsible for the particularly good properties.

What makes our SiC coating stand out?

We use the outstanding properties of silicon carbide (SiC) with its high melting point and high decomposition temperature. This allows us to offer both a wide range of coating thicknesses (from 10µm to 500µm) and large formats (ø 1.7 m x 2 m). In combination with high-temperature cleaning, high-purity coated components are produced.

Where is our SiC coating used?

Our high-end coatings are used, for example, in the space industry, including as coatings for satellite mirrors or space mirrors for telecommunications. They are also used for components in critical furnace atmospheres and in the semiconductor industry.

  • Possible on graphite and CFRC
  • Oxidation protection
  • Low particle release
  • Non-porous coating