Schunk Carbon Technology

Innovative carbon and graphite solutions and products

Schunk Carbon Technology is a global leader in the development, manufacture and application of carbon and graphite solutions. Like no other company, we combine innovative strength and exceptional service to offer a range of products and services that is unique in the market. You will find our technological know-how and a comprehensive manufacturing and sales network at many locations around the globe. Bundled in three comprehensive application areas:

Mechanical Carbon

Leading expertise in the development, production and processing of carbon and silicon carbide materials and their tribological behaviors. Our highly specialized technology portfolio includes seal and pump components for use in the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, the air-conditioning and power plant technologies and in aircraft and ships.

Electrical Carbon

From tradition to key technology: A global leader in the development and manufacture of carbon brushes, carbon brush systems, slip ring contacts, conductor bands and a host of other premium-quality components, we offer intelligent, modern solutions for e-mobility, battery-driven vehicles, power tools, household appliances, rail technology, wind power stations and other industrial applications.

Thermal Carbon

Bundled materials expertise for extreme temperatures: Our broad performance spectrum consists of quality solutions such as furnace components, insulation materials, charge carrier systems and kiln furniture for heat treatment and foundries, solutions for medical and analytical technology, a wide portfolio for hot glass handling in the glass industry through to components for the security, aerospace and aviation sectors.