Safe glass handling through materials know-how

Our leading solutions for all aspects of contact with hot glass

Materials expertise in glass production

For an efficient production process and the first-class finish of your glass products, there are two crucial factors: the functional reliability and material properties of the materials that guide and convey your hot glass. With our carbon components, you can easily influence these factors in your favor, because our carbon offers you unbeatable advantages here.

The best for your glass handling - benefit from our wealth of experience and our tailor-made carbon components all around the production of glass. Whether container glass, tubular glass, household glass, pharmaceutical glass, flat glass, etc - with their high oxidation resistance and abrasion resistance, our materials and components ensure that hot and sensitive glass products are guided through the manufacturing process safely, efficiently and trouble-free. This helps prevent stress cracks as well as buildup and achieve long service lives.

When materials leave nothing behind in glass handling but satisfaction

When hot glass is cast, guided and steered, it comes into contact with other materials. The nature of these materials determines whether scratches, cracks or other residues occur. In glass production, therefore, auxiliary materials are needed that have no negative influence on the glass product. This is where Schunk's non-marking quality comes into play. Our solutions convince with a high heat dissipation from the soft glass during handling as well as a high oxidation resistance and thus a long service life. With our material know-how in glass handling, you achieve that your glass products are free of marks, stress cracks and adhesions.

Far more than oxidation resistance, abrasion resistance and long service life

When it comes to handling hot glass, we know our stuff like no one else. We know how important special applications and fast problem solutions are. As a full-range supplier, we can offer you the tailor-made material for every application and saddle it with a suitable finishing. Benefit from our wide range of products with a comprehensive standard program as well as from our customer-specific adaptations. Thanks to our decades of experience, we can tell you exactly which materials and components will make your production process safer, faster and more economical. Our fast support with a quotation within 24 hours and product delivery from 10 working days after your order ensures an undisturbed production process - we can even realize standby deliveries of series products within 48 hours. Our service package is rounded off by efficient process management: We organize the management of defined products in our consignment warehouses for you. This means that these products are permanently and quickly available for you.