Ultrapure materials for analytical and medical technology

Unique base materials and refining technologies deliver tailored properties for your application

Schunk materials for ultra-pure results

When it comes to ultra-pure materials in sophisticated solutions for analytical and medical technology, Schunk is your competent development partner. We convince with many years of experience and products that impress with toxicological harmlessness, high thermal stability and freedom from contamination.

Ever more precise and complex procedures are being used in analytics and medical technology. Absolute precision, reliability and safety are essential here - properties for which our ultra-pure carbon and graphite materials are predestined.

Whether atomic absorption spectroscopy, dialysis or wastewater treatment -

there is no room for error here.

Errors and contamination can have fatal consequences in analytics and diagnostics. For example, conductivity measurement in hemodialysis must function precisely at all times, since electrolytes such as potassium are removed from the blood in addition to the urinary substances that are toxic to the body. This process must be balanced and is monitored by means of conductivity measurement. In addition, long-term stable material properties are desired, such as constant electrical resistance or stable thermal conductivity. Oxide layer formation on surfaces should be prevented, as should the formation of a biofilm. Components should be robust against chemical attack and have a long service life overall. All this, of course, in the ultra-clean range, starting with the materials and extending to handling and packaging.

Benefit from the added value of our products

With us, you can be sure that we understand your requirements all around and transfer them specifically into a unique solution that convinces with its high and consistent quality. When working with Schunk and the resulting products, you benefit from numerous advantages. Rely on tailor-made and application-specific selected materials that deliver optimal results in your application and at the same time provide a high degree of security, as the analysis results are always exact and reproducible. We can also design the optimum connection to your systems, such as electrical contacting, to meet your exact requirements, so that our solution can be easily integrated into your analysis system. Your expenses can also be significantly reduced: For example, the calibration effort is much lower thanks to the long-term stable product properties. You also save time and resources when inspecting your incoming goods, as we offer quality inspection according to your specifications as a service.