Carbon brush holders and assemblies

Components for efficient and reliable current transmission

Carbon brush holders ensure that the carbon brushes are held securely in position. With a defined contact pressure, the holder ensures that the required current transmission can be provided and that at the same time there is the best possible balance to the necessary wear of the brush. In its respective application, the design of the holder ensures that the running behavior of the brush is perfected. Carbon brush holders and brush holder systems from Schunk are available in many different types and designs - always perfectly matched to your application.

Increase operational reliability, service life and efficiency

When it comes to the safe and long-lasting operation of your electric drives, carbon brushes and their matching carbon brush holders are essential elements. Our solutions in this area ensure that power transmission functions optimally while protecting all system components involved as much as possible. In this way, extended maintenance intervals can be achieved and an overall longer service life of your systems can be achieved.         

for every carbon brush

Whether leg holder, tubular holder, pocket holder or brush rocker - our carbon brush holders and brush holder systems create the ideal conditions for safe use of the respective carbon brushes. To this end, we can design our systems to be compatible with a wide variety of carbon brush designs and also equip them with additional functions, such as an automatic signaling and shutdown device. All this is always done with the aim of extending the service life of your electric drives and guaranteeing you the most trouble-free and failure-free operation possible. This goes so far, for example, that our experts can replace the carbon brushes of power plant generators during operation. 

Your competent subassembly supplier

When developing our brush holders and assemblies, you can rely on our decades of global expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and certified processes. The resulting solutions are optimally adapted to your requirements and undergo strict quality management.