CFC workpiece fixtures for high-temperature processes.

Durable, lightweight and efficient charging racks and batch carriers

In industrial high-temperature processes, our workpiece carriers made of graphite and carbon fiber composites impress with their outstanding technical properties. Benefit from our many years of market knowledge, our comprehensive materials expertise and our leading manufacturing technologies to achieve the best results. Schunk is your fully integrated manufacturer and technology partner when it comes to optimizing your high-temperature processes in terms of safety, cost and time.

Workpiece carriers that meet the most stringent requirements

Our charging racks and batch fixtures for heat treatment still reliably provide top performance in the high-temperature range even when steel and other metals reach their limits. For example, metallic racks can often warp and deform due to the heat input. This in turn results in higher scrap, as the deformation of the metallic racks also affects the parts to be treated. Automation is also made more difficult or even impossible by the deformations, as robots require fixed positions. In addition, the service life of metal is shorter compared to our CFC materials due to embrittlement, whereas the mass and associated energy requirements are much higher.

Whether complete racks or even just grids for heat treatment - everything with added value

No matter which of our products you choose, you can always count on added value that pays off. For example, our solutions are dimensionally stable and resistant to distortion, slim in design and light in weight. They are economically convincing thanks to a long service life and a reduction in the proportion of rejects. They increase the energy efficiency of your processes due to a very low thermal mass - the energy used is for heating and cooling the parts to be treated, not for the workpiece fixtures. Last but not least, your productivity is increased because process times can be shortened and processes automated.