Innovative materials expertise for heat treatment & foundry

Leading solutions for charging racks , furnace spare parts, powder metallurgy, aluminum casting, continuous casting and EDM

Experienced partner in high-temperature applications

You can rely on our premium carbon solutions in just about any thermal application: Whether heat treatment, medical and analysis technology, glass industry, aluminum casting, continuous casting or electrical discharge machining (EDM) - Schunk offers you a customized range of materials and components made of graphite, carbon fiber reinforced carbons (CFRC), oxide fiber reinforced oxide ceramics (OFC) and graphite felt for this purpose.

Our materials and manufacturing expertise and extensive range of materials make Schunk one of the world's leading full-range suppliers in the fields of charging racks, furnace spare parts, powder metallurgy, aluminum casting, continuous casting and EDM. Benefit from our graphite and CFRC materials, which remain dimensionally stable even well above the melting temperature of most metals and exhibit only low heat distortion and excellent thermal shock resistance.

Heat treatment with high-level know-how

In high-temperature applications, our products are the first choice. With our components made of graphite, fiber composites (CFRC and OFC) and felts for insulation, you always have thermal processes safely under control. As different as the applications may be, with all our products you can rely on customized development and economical use. Take advantage of benefits that leave no one cold: Among other things, we offer you products as furnace components, insulation materials, charge carrier systems, burning aids as well as individual material coatings for the toughest conditions.

In high-temperature applications with our charging racks, furnace spare parts and powder metallurgy solutions, our materials continue to play to their strengths even when other materials have long since reached their limits. For example, metallic racks would warp and deprive you of the possibility of automation. Important plant components can be reliably protected against wear with our solutions, and your energy consumption can also be reduced. In pressure sintering, our CFRC materials are ideally suited for the challenging combination of high temperature and massive pressure loads. The high load-bearing capacity of our CFRC materials enables a low wall thickness, allowing you to increase your output with unchanged equipment capacity.

EDM with special graphite electrodes

The thermal-electrical machining process EDM, which is highly precise, can be used for all electrically conductive materials. In this way, filigree and complex geometries can be produced that could not be machined, or only with considerably increased effort. This is where our electrodes made of special graphite come into their own. They are resistant to thermal shock, offer a low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent geometric stability, as well as low wear during sparking.

Casting die and molds for continuous casting and components for aluminum casting.

Today, high-quality semi-finished products made of non-ferrous metals and their alloys are mostly produced by continuous casting. Our continuous casting dies are a convincing aid here, as they withstand the temperatures in a dimensionally stable manner without the alloy reacting with the aid. In addition, a special, patented PyC coating enables us to achieve an increased service life of the casting die and a better output when casting lead-free copper alloys. Graphite rotors and shafts are used in the preparation of aluminum melts. All our materials have in common that they do not additionally contaminate the melt.