Reliable Power Transmission in Wind Turbines

Our carbon brushes give a boost to wind energy

Greater efficiency and profitability for wind turbines

Schunk is one of the most powerful technology providers in all aspects of safe power transmission. As a long-standing development partner to the wind industry, we set technological standards worldwide. Our carbon brushes and brush holder systems for generators and pitch systems support turbine and generator manufacturers in the onshore and offshore sectors in achieving their goals.

Carbon brushes from Schunk perfect the power transmission of slip rings of doubly-fed asynchronous generators (DFIG). Thanks to our extensive materials know-how, we can offer reliable standard solutions for OEMs and more extensive, customized developments for end customers for the respective locations and the associated requirements: Whether low or high humidity, fluctuating or extreme temperatures or the influence of salt air in offshore plants - Schunk carbon brushes guarantee low-wear running behavior and long maintenance intervals.

Our carbon brushes give wind turbine power generation a tailwind

Outstanding features of our carbon brush materials are their high thermal and electrical load capacity as well as excellent protection of the slip ring - regardless of whether it is made of bronze or steel. With Schunk at your side, you enjoy the advantage of receiving a carbon material for your carbon brush that is optimally matched to the performance of your wind turbines and the climatic environmental conditions. This means that low maintenance requirements and high cost-effectiveness can be achieved for onshore and offshore turbines. Our carbon brushes have OEM approvals from the most well-known generator manufacturers and we can supply you with spare parts for all known generators. Schunk lightning protection components also impress with their reliable performance. They ensure the safety of the turbines. Tested according to the latest standards, all lightning protection carbon brushes meet the highest lightning protection class and guarantee the safe discharge of current in the event of a lightning strike.

Know-how as a driving force for wind turbines

For more than 100 years, we have been producing leading-edge products in the field of drive and contacting. With our carbon-based materials we offer the perfect technological basis for highly efficient power transmission even under the most extreme conditions - including in the wind industry. Thanks to our unique materials know-how, we can develop tailored solutions in the shortest possible time and cover the entire range of specific customer requirements - for offshore and onshore turbines as well as for turbines at higher altitudes. Our uncompromising quality management and highly efficient development and manufacturing processes bring performance, cost-efficiency and reliability to a successful denominator.