Insulation Materials

Graphite felt for insulation

Insulation materials

We offer our high quality insulation materials as rigid felt and soft felt. Our rigid felt is produced by impregnating fiber mats with binder, pressing them under pressure and then subjecting them to a high-temperature treatment. Finally, we bring the rigid felt to the dimensions you require by means of mechanical processing. Our soft felts are produced in a similar process and can be supplied in rolls or cut to size.

What makes our insulation materials stand out?

Compared to our rigid felts, our soft felts are characterized by the fact that they are softer and more flexible, which makes them excellent at conforming to any shape. In addition, the soft felt has a lower thermal conductivity and thus a better insulating effect.

Our long fiber rigid felts convince by their stability, machinability as well as by a low-particle release. You can obtain our rigid felts as MechTherm® with a mechanically high stability as well as a very good chemical resistance in critical atmospheres or as InsuTherm® with an excellent insulating effect. The usually one-sided lamination with graphite foil supports the resistance and thus extends the service life. On request, our felts are also available as high-temperature purified versions.

Where are our insulation materials used?

Due to their individual properties, both our rigid felts and our soft felts are ideal for use in high-temperature applications, where they show off their respective strengths as insulation for high-temperature equipment. MechTherm® rigid felt is used primarily in applications with high gas flow velocities or critical atmospheres, while InsuTherm® is used primarily in applications with higheenergy efficiency requirements.

  • High insulation efficiency
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Low thermal capacity
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • High edge strength
  • High mechanical stability of the rigid felt
  • High chemical resistance in critical atmospheres