Furnace spare parts for the perfect heating chamber

Optimum process reliability for your furnace system

High-temperature furnaces and especially vacuum furnaces with gas quenching are exposed to a variety of chemical and mechanical attacks. Here, carbon convinces with many advantages, such as excellent thermal shock resistance and high chemical resistance. Benefit from the superior material properties of our furnace replacement parts, which can significantly increase the temperature homogeneity, efficiency and service life of your equipment.

High quality furnace spare parts extend the life of your equipment

A furnace system is the heart of any heat treatment - that's why you should rely on the best materials. The extreme conditions can damage the insulation of the furnace and thus significantly shorten the service life of the heating chamber. Every repair costs you time and money - inferior insulation materials shorten the intervals between maintenance. If the furnace even fails completely due to insulation damage, repairs are usually very expensive - longer, costly downtimes are the result. Inhomogeneous temperature distribution in the heating chamber also has a negative impact on your process results. Therefore, equip your complete furnace system with our furnace spare parts of outstanding quality for regular maintenance - we are your one-stop shop. Benefit from our leading materials and consulting expertise and our international presence. This is how you achieve optimum process reliability.

perfectly built

Our wide range of CFRC edge protection profiles and flexible foils made of CFRC make it easy for you to protect the insulation of your furnace. Here, too, you benefit from the unrivaled material properties of carbon fiber-reinforced carbon and from our know-how in tailoring these properties ideally to your requirements. Whatever the shape, with or without an embedded layer of graphite foil, our CFRC profiles provide reliable protection against gas erosion and mechanical damage, prevent the formation of thermal bridges, ensure better temperature homogeneity, extend the service life of the insulation, lower the scrap rate and reduce downtime due to maintenance or repairs. We offer a wide range of standard profiles as well as patented profiles (double-L) for even better protection and to solve special challenges. Not only for our profiles, standard solutions are usually available from stock and can therefore be quickly deployed for your short-term needs.

Insulation materials and fasteners with high performance

Our carbon fiber reinforced carbon (CFRC) components set new standards in insulation and fastening. For example, hard felt can be effectively protected against gas erosion by a graphite coating. And best of all, you can mix this graphite coating yourself and apply it to the cut edges of the hard felt insulation. Efficiency is also a top priority for our fastening material.  The insulation of a high-temperature furnace is often fastened with molybdenum screws as standard. However, molybdenum becomes brittle and prone to breakage after the first heating. In case a molybdenum bolt broke, the insulation loses stability and batches can be damaged. The subsequent replacement of the molybdenum fasteners is very costly and produces unnecessary downtime.

With our robust CFRC fasteners, this problem can be avoided. CFRC provides consistent mechanical properties throughout the product life cycle. In addition, when maintenance is required, it is not necessary to remove the hot zone - repair is simply carried out on the inside of the hot zone, making it much easier and faster to exchange broken fasteners.