Reduced friction and low wear

Seal rings, bearings and vanes for tribological applications

Whether seal rings made of high-performance carbon graphite material, slide bearings made of unique SiC-C composite material or components for dry-running pumps - our customized materials impress with low friction, low wear and high chemical and thermal shock resistance. All this makes our products benchmark solutions for a wide range of industrial applications in tribological systems.

With the highest quality against friction and wear

Self-lubricating, extremely stable, and resistant to heat and corrosion - our high-performance materials are specially developed for the demanding conditions that prevail in sliding applications in rotating equipment. Added to this are a pronounced resistance to media and, above all, very low friction, and extremely reduced wear. All this makes our solutions perfect when it comes to increasing energy efficiency and ensuring permanently fault-free operations and processes.

with outstanding properties

We are the specialist for thin-walled and at the same time high-precision fiber reinforced sleeves that are high-strength and thermally stable. These are used, for example, as self-supporting sleeves in Holweck stages for turbomolecular pumps. Our CFRP sleeves also impress with their outstanding properties as reinforcement sleeves for permanent magnet motors in turbomolecular pumps and compressors, for carbon sealing rings with the highest internal pressure loads, and as reinforcement for high-speed drive spindles. In addition, we offer resin matrix systems that have been tried and tested for decades and can be used in temperature ranges where standard resin systems would fail.

When it comes to safety and reliability

Whether you need our seal rings, slide bearings, and   vanes for applications in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, the drinking water and food industries or power plant technology - we can optimally tailor our customized developments to your requirements. Our materials are also used in safety-relevant seals, in aircraft turbines or ships as shaft seals.

Chemical resistance, wear resistance and a lot of experience

Our high-performance materials offer you superior properties and, as a result, many advantages. From chemical resistance to wear resistance to low friction - with our self-lubricating solutions you benefit from our extensive materials and application expertise. As a full-range supplier, we can solve almost any conceivable requirement with our wide range of materials. Added to this is our decades of experience, which we will be pleased to pass on to you in an individual consultation. All we need is the component design you want - we'll take care of the perfectly matching material!