• Sleeves and reinforcements made of fiber momposite material from Schunk Carbon Technology

Sleeves and Reinforcements made of Fiber Composite Material

Our reinforcements and sleeves made of fiber-reinforced composites always demonstrate their advantages where highest specific strength and stiffness or tight tolerances and lightweight construction are required. The product properties are ideally adjusted to the application-specific requirements by the fiber architecture, the fiber-matrix systems and the shaping. Used as sleeves in Holweck stages of turbomolecular pumps or as reinforcement of both high-speed drive spindles and carbon sealing rings with the highest internal pressure loads. In high-speed guarantees, for example in turbomolecular pumps and compressors, our solutions minimize imbalances or eddy-current losses in permanent magnet motors. 

Also discover our high-precision armoured sleeves and optimise the performance of your electric motors. Further information on the automotive sector can be found here.

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Requirement-specific fiber-matrix systems available.
  • Matrices made of non-softening duromers, also for high temperatures
  • Product-specific forming processes
  • Tight product tolerances minimize imbalances of rotationally symmetrical components
  • Minimized eddy current losses, depending on fiber type their complete avoidance
  • High-strength, fiber-reinforced materials in lightweight construction
  • Highest specific strengths and stiffnesses
  • Support of product design by FE analysis