Safe shaft grounding with carbon materials

Grounding brushes and grounding systems prevent damage to bearings and gear boxes

Bearing or gear box damage caused by parasitic high-frequency current can lead to costly failures of your motors. Extend the service life of your equipment with Schunk's innovative shaft grounding solutions: carbon fiber grounding brushes and grounding systems reliably dissipate shaft voltages and safely protect against damage to bearings in motors or gearboxes.

Field-proven components for safe shaft grounding

Everyone who uses electric drive systems for production or logistics purposes and is entrusted with their maintenance is familiar with the problem: Electrostatic charges and high switching frequencies of the drive controls cause parasitic currents that sooner or later find their way across the machine's roller bearings. High current densities then occur there at specific points, causing local melting of the metal surface. The surface is damaged and the premature failure of the bearing inevitably leads to expensive production downtime. But the motors themselves as well as gear components can also be quickly damaged by these high-frequency currents and require unplanned repairs.

Our solutions for safe grounding contact the surface of the shaft or other rotating parts of the drive. Their good conductivity ensures reliable transmission of the current to defined grounding points, thus protecting the bearings from damage caused by micro arcs (spark erosion).

safely protected

Our shaft groundings ensure safe, long-term operation of electric motors and systems. They can be easily assembled even at a later date - as a standard design through to application-specific systems. For good reason, leading OEMs trust the consistently high quality of our components and use them in their products.

Grounding brushes and matching brush holders

For reliable grounding, we have developed special carbon brush materials with decades of experience and extensive materials know-how. These grounding brushes reliably conduct parasitic high-frequency interference currents away from the shaft in modern motor systems. In combination with our matching brush holders, they can perform this task even better. This is because the brush holders, which we can supply in various designs and sizes, ensure that the grounding brushes always remain in the correct position and in constant contact with the shaft.

"Industrial Protection System" (IPS) grounding system.

IPS is a grounding system for all cases - compact, independent of the shaft diameter, equally suitable for DC and AC applications, and can be used even in hard-to-reach places. In this grounding system, a strand of thousands of coated, unidirectional individual fibers contacts the surface of the shaft or other rotating parts of the drive. Due to its special coating, the carbon fiber is characterized by high wear and abrasion resistance. This makes this type of shaft grounding very suitable for areas with increased cleanliness requirements. It also eliminates the need for expensive surface coatings on contact surfaces.

Depending on the installation situation and ambient conditions, different product variants can be used. For example, the grounding system with a corrosion-free contact made of graphite and holder components made of plastic is suitable both for high ambient temperatures and for operation in aggressive atmospheres.