Siliconized CFRC Materials

Wear protection and oxidation protection by conversion to C/SiC

Siliconized CFRC materials

Siliconization converts a carbon fiber composite (CFRC) material to a C/SiC material, increasing oxidation resistance and reducing abrasion. For this purpose, we use different siliconizing processes, depending on the base material and your requirements. In principle, we can modify a wide range of carbon fiber reinforced composites (CFRC) in this way.

What are the distinguishing features of our siliconized CFRC materials?

The CFRC base material is partially converted into silicon carbide (SiC) using our siliconizing processes. Our material solutions are characterized by high wear protection against mechanical abrasion and high oxidation protection. Both have the positive effect that siliconized parts achieve a significantly longer service life compared to non-siliconized parts.

Where are our siliconized CFRC materials used?

Siliconized materials are primarily used where CFRC materials are to be protected against wear caused by abrasion and oxidation. Typical applications are, for example, runners of CFRC racks in heat treatment or sintering aids as well as furnace components for critical atmospheres.

  • Surface modification that hardens the surface
  • Wear protection against abrasion
  • Oxidation protection
  • Siliconizing process adapted to requirements
  • Increased compressive strength