Linear Current Transmission

Sliding contacts, current collectors and rollers for reliable power and data transmission

If power and data are transmitted linearly via current collectors on conductor rails, the advantages of our solutions come to their own. Our sliding contacts, collectors and carbon rollers meet the strictest EU environmental criteria thanks to special, lead-free materials. They enable safe and low-maintenance operation of your equipment. Our Bi-component materials also have a very good price/performance ratio. Our ability to develop materials and components precisely to meet a wide range of requirements and applications makes us the ideal technology partner for power transmission.

High demands on our sliding contacts and track rollers

Safety, material conservation and cost efficiency - these are just three of the many requirements that our components must meet in linear power and data transmission. It is also extremely important to comply with the strict EU environmental directives, which stipulate the use of lead-free materials. Added to this are the minimization of noise on the track, the avoidance of high temperatures for both the track and the numerous plastic mountings, and a high mechanical load capacity.

of operating currents and control signals

As with all our developments, our linear current transmission solutions benefit from our unique materials and manufacturing expertise. We can design our lead-free materials to exactly match your desired application - on the one hand through the choice of materials themselves and on the other through additional refinements, such as impregnation. In doing so, we make use of the latest CNC manufacturing technologies as well as high-precision pressed-to-size production, which allows only the smallest tolerances. We also keep an eye on your costs: For example, our 2-component materials can be used to create extremely efficient solutions. Here, only the contact zone is made of silver, while the remaining zone is made of less expensive copper. Let our experienced team of engineers advise you - together we will develop your application-specific components.

There is huge know-how in even the smallest solution

Extending maintenance intervals, protecting rail material and operating your systems safely - we are happy to include your wishes and requirements in our specifications and incorporate them in the development of our products. The basis for this is our decades of worldwide market experience and our constant striving for innovation. Convince yourself of the consistently high quality of our products, which we offer you in the field of linear current transmission: current collectors, rollers, sliding contacts.