When ultra-clean materials are the ultimate

Our products for analytical and medical technology

Our ultra-pure graphite and carbon materials play out their unbeatable advantages wherever exact measurement results, long-term stable material properties and absolute reliability are required - for example, in the fields of atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), dialysis, conductivity measurement technology, boron-doped diamond electrodes for the electrochemical degradation of organic substances in process and waste water by oxidation, and the modulation of the speed of sound in ultrasonic transducers. With Schunk at your side, however, you can rely not only on all the above-mentioned product features. We are also happy to put our many years of in-depth market knowledge and our innovative strength at your service.

Ultrapure materials for analytics at the highest level

Every day, our products impress with their unique properties in numerous applications in analytical and medical technology. At the same time, our materials impress with their extremely high purity - lowest impurities (ash content) are in the single-digit ppm or ppb range. Rely on our unique product quality, whether graphite components for thermoanalytical processes, for trace analysis or toxicologically harmless materials or products for medical technology - the ultra-pure materials developed by us form the basis, are perfectly matched to the respective application and impress with their reliability and durability.