• Special Activated Carbon (SAC) from Schunk Carbon Technology
  • Special Activated Carbon (SAC) from Schunk Carbon Technolog

Special Activated Carbon (SAC)

Active carbons developed by us are characterized by the ball shape of the individual particles classified by grain size. This makes the material pourable and optimizes packing density. Gaseous and liquid materials are able to flow through the material in an ideal and defined way. Thanks to the high compressive strength and ball shape, high accessibility of the entire specific surface is ensured. Thanks to the regenerability of the material, economical use is guaranteed.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Ball-shaped particles classified by grain size
  • Very good pourability and optimum packing density
  • Ideal flow-through by gases and liquids
  • The entire specific surface of the particle is used
  • Economical in use thanks to regenerability