•  Black Magic® as unique carbon barrier coating for long-lasting surfaces from Schunk Carbon Technology

Black Magic® Coating Service

Schunk Black Magic® is our unique carbon barrier coating for long-lasting surfaces. With this innovative coating technology, you reliably protect metal and plastic components and equipment from wear and prevent the contamination of surfaces and samples. With Black Magic®, you optimize the surface hardness and corrosion resistance of your base materials, increasing their service life and resistance, even under the toughest conditions. In general, a wide variety of different components made of metal and plastic can be coated. Upon request, we can also provide your product with the logo of your choice.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • The Schunk Black Magic® coating made of pure carbon
  • Higher surface hardness and reduced frictional coefficient, even with porous and challenging surfaces
  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Self-lubricating surface
  • Metal-free handling of solid samples during analysis
  • Absorption of infrared radiation reduces reflections
  • Thermal resistance up to 400°C