Metal and Silver Graphites

For signal current to high current applications

Metal and silver graphites

Metal graphites are characterized by low electrical losses, enabling their use in battery-powered devices.  In addition, this class of materials is predestined for use in high-current applications such as coating and electroplating. Our silver graphites go one step further. They have the lowest electrical losses, allow the highest current densities, high signal accuracy and ensure low electrical noise.

What are the distinguishing features of our metal and silver graphites?

Due to their low swelling tendency, our metal graphites guarantee reliable operation even under the harshest environmental conditions. Their proven lower temperature rise compared with similar competitive materials means that you have less need to cool your machines. It also prevents the brushes from getting stuck in the brush holder. With our silvergraphites, you benefit from our cost saving two-component brushes as well as from the patented manufacturing process for the production of laser-welded contacts on springs.

Where are our metal and silver graphites used?

Metal graphites are primarily used in battery-powered household appliances, low-voltage motors, high-current transmission, AC slip rings, and wind generators. Silver graphites are used for safe signal current transmission, voltage dissipation and shaft grounding.

  • Low or lowest electrical losses
  • Highest current densities
  • High signal accuracy
  • Low electrical noise
  • Patented solution for 2K brushes
  • Special manufacturing processes with laser welding