• Carbon brush with plug for angle grinders from Schunk Carbon Technology

Carbon Brush with Terminal for Angle Grinders

Resistant carbon components for angle grinders and other small tools

Carbon brushes with plugs are ideally suited for use in angle grinders. The components used in these tools must meet the highest quality standards, as angle grinders are often used in extreme conditions such as heat and electrical loads that vary constantly.

Our high quality carbon brush ensures that angle grinders not only perform optimally, but also maintain their maximum efficiency over extended periods of time. The plug-in mechanism of the carbon brush also allows for easy installation and quick replacement, greatly simplifying maintenance. This ensures that users can continue their work without unwanted downtime.

The combination of the pitch-bonded graphite material and the plug mechanism enables the angle grinder to last a long time. The low abrasive behavior of the special carbon material ensures that the internal components of the angle grinder are less worn, while the integrated shutdown device protects against potential damage. Thus, our carbon brush with plug stands for reliability and safety in every respect.

High-quality carbon brushes from Schunk Carbon Technology

The carbon brush with plug is an elementary component for ensuring a full range of functions as well as a long service life for angle grinders as well as other small motorized devices. This is ensured by the highest standards that Schunk Carbon Technology sets for the carbon material and the construction of the components.

If you are interested in our high-quality carbon brushes with plugs, please contact our team of experts and arrange a first consultation appointment for your individual application. We will also be happy to send you samples of our carbon brushes with plugs.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Perfectly matched L-material for corded appliances
  • Characterized by weak abrasive behavior and a broad resistance range
  • High thermal and electrical resilience
  • Great commutation and radio frequency interference suppression properties
  • Stop-motion mechanism ensures a longer machine service life