• Sliding contact for dryers from Schunk Carbon Technology

Sliding Contact for Dryers

The phenol resin-bonded and carbonized F-materials used here are primarily composed of natural graphite with small portions of copper in some cases. They are characterized by especially good material damping and great sliding properties. They also permit only a very small and constant drop in voltage at the sliding contact, which is very important for precise measurement of the residual moisture of the laundry. A carbon brush connected to the washing agitators from the center of the drum, as well as the entire drum itself as a second pole grounded using our ground contacts, complete the system for moisture measurement.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Perfectly matched F-material
  • Characterized by its material damping and sliding properties
  • Resistance range of 10 to 400 μΩm
  • High measurement precision
  • Ground contacts prevent the static electricity discharge of the wash drum