• Learn about carbon brush with compression spring and end piece for corded appliances from Schunk Carbon Technology

Carbon Brush with Compression Spring and End Piece for Corded Appliances

Depending on customer-specific requirements, we also offer this carbon brush in a wide variety of materials. L-materials made of pitch-bonded graphites feature high thermal and electrical resilience, great commutation and radio frequency interference (RFI) properties and a resistance range of 35 to 3,000 μΩm. For lower-performance household appliance motors, we recommend F-materials, which are primarily comprised of natural graphite with a smaller proportion of copper in some cases. With a resistance range of 50 to 500 µΩm, HU-materials (primarily made of synthetic graphite) are also used in power tools.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Perfectly matched material for a wide variety of electric appliances
  • Customer-specific solutions
  • With compressing spring and end piece for optimum handling during assembly