• Carbon brush with pressed-in lead for cordless screwdrivers from Schunk Carbon Technology

Carbon Brush with Pressed-in Lead for Cordless Screwdrivers

The copper-graphite material of this carbon brush achieves especially low specific resistances and is primarily used in motors with terminal voltages up to 36 V (DC) and a very high current load. The especially narrow design of this carbon brush corresponds with the ideal design for use in 4-pole PMDC motors. The lateral grooves in a specially designed version of the brush holder serve as a guide.

Durable cordless screwdriver carbon brushes from Schunk Carbon Technology

In power tools such as cordless screwdrivers, carbon brushes are key elements that serve as a bridge between the fixed and moving parts of the motor to ensure a steady flow of current and thus smooth operation.

Schunk Carbon Technology's carbon brushes, developed specifically for cordless screwdrivers, feature the use of an advanced A-grade material optimized for use in 4-pole PMDC motors. The combination of excellent material and a slim design optimized for use in cordless tools ensures maximum precision and durability.

If you are interested in our high quality carbon brushes for cordless screwdrivers, don't hesitate to contact our team of experts. Request an online consultation for your specific needs or request a sample of our advanced carbon brushes for cordless screwdrivers and related equipment.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Perfectly matched A-material for cordless appliances
  • Characterized by minimal wear and suitability for high current densities
  • Pressed to final measurements/PTS (pressed to size) and pressed-in lead
  • Cost-effective manufacturing, as there is no mechanical processing