• Multi-layer pitch-bonded graphite material-based carbon brush for washing machines from Schunk Carbon Technology

Multi-layer Carbon Brush for Washing Machines

This pitch-bonded graphite material-based carbon brush, which features a resistance range of 35 to 3,000 μΩm, opens up a broad spectrum of uses for motors of all performance classes. The carbon brush is separated in the center by an electrically insulating layer which makes it especially low wearing and thus the first choice for highly stressed motors in washing machines. The optional running-surface coating reduces the break-in time and noise emissions and may also prevent additional roughening of the commutator.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Perfectly matched L-material for corded appliances
  • Characterized by weak abrasive behavior and a broad resistance range
  • High thermal and electrical resilience
  • Great commutation and radio frequency interference suppression properties
  • Multi-layer carbon brush is especially low wearing
  • Running-surface coating improves break-in behavior, radio frequency interference (RFI) suppression and efficiency