• Carbon brush with cut-off device and damping element for hammer drills from Schunk Carbon Technology

Carbon Brush with Cut-off Device and Damping Element for Hammer Drills

The pitch-bonded graphite material used features a resistance range of 35 to 3,000 μΩm and opens up a broad spectrum of uses for motors of all performance classes. The integrated stop-motion mechanism prevents damage to the motor and the entire machine by reliably switching off the appliance as soon as the wear limit of the carbon brush is reached. The damping element, a silicone compound in the recess on the carbon brush head, enables the brush service life to be improved in heavily vibrating applications and allows brush sparking to be reduced.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Perfectly matched L-material for corded appliances
  • Characterized by weak abrasive behavior and a broad resistance range
  • High thermal and electrical resilience
  • Great commutation and radio frequency interference (RFI) suppression properties
  • Stop-motion mechanism and plastic cap for a longer machine service life
  • Damping element for longer brush service life, especially when using spare-part carbon brushes on broken-in and non-circular commutators