•  Carbon brush with lead for vacuum cleaner fans with eco-label from Schunk Carbon Technology

Carbon Brush for Vacuum Cleaner Fans with Eco-Label

The epoxy resin-bonded materials of these carbon brushes are characterized in particular by great vibration damping properties. For this reason, they are primarily used in high-speed or commutator peripheral-speed motors. The sliding properties are already good and can be improved with impregnation. The resistance range of 100 to 1,500 µΩm (up to 10,000 µΩm as required) enables these materials to be used in motors of all performance classes. Thanks to smaller cross-sections and specially formulated materials, these carbon brushes are ideal for vacuum cleaner fans with reduced input power. 

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Perfectly matched G-material
  • Available with pressed-in and stamped lead
  • Specially formulated for vacuum cleaner fans with reduced power consumption
  • Also available as a curved carbon brush, enabling a longer brush service life with the same outer diameter of the vacuum cleaner fan
  • Pressed to final measurements/PTS (pressed to size)
  • Cost-effective manufacturing, as there is no mechanical processing